Feelin' Good!

by Teresa Jennings

"Feelin' Good!" is the title song of the revue. It is written in a contemporary style that will get your students interested right away. The lyrics are positive and inspiring, reminding kids that they are indeed the stars of their own bodies and minds. (Note: The rest of the revue will follow in the next two issues of Music K-8.)

You will see that there are a few sixteenth note rhythms on the music. While they may look a little challenging, a quick listen to the singers on the Performance/Accompaniment CD will readily guide your own singers.

There is a second vocal part that enters on the repeat at measure 5. It rejoins part 1 at the chorus (pick-ups to 21) and breaks out again in the coda at bar 44. This part is optional, but it's also a lot of fun to sing. If you don't feel comfortable dividing your class, perhaps you could pick just a few strong singers to cover the part, even older kids from another class.

The recording of the song really makes it for us. There are multiple layers of guitars, drums, synths, and percussion. We especially enjoy the contrast between the staccato verse and the "power chords" of the chorus, complete with pick-ups from sliding electric guitars. Be sure to play the recording nice and loud so your kids can join in uninhibitedly! You might even want to have a few young rockers join in playing "air guitar" as the power glides enter. We don't think we have to tell you to let your students move freely, because we think they're going to, unless you have shy ones. Either way, consider actually designing a few steps for the ensemble or put a few solo dancers out front to be featured. The beat lends itself easily to movement. (Besides, dancing is a very healthy thing to do!)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.