Green Green Green

by Teresa Jennings

This silly little song can be used a number of ways - for Earth Day, spring, nature themes, summer, novelty programs, or even for St. Patrick's Day (a day of green!). It is meant to be tongue-in-cheek and for the best effect should be sung completely seriously. The melody is simple and repetitious in the chorus, but the verses will need to be paid more attention to for their nuances. Obviously, enunciation is very important, or the humor will be lost.

Though we chose to record the song in unison, you might find it more fun to break up the verses into solos or solis. For example, let one singer sing two or four measures, then another one follow similarly, and so on throughout the song. You may even want to add some harmony to the chorus using a singer or two.

A "down home" or country setting would be perfect for this song. Maybe an old farm, a porch with a swing, a few bales of hay, that sort of thing. Add your own guitarists (real or not). At the very least, have singers all wear (what else?) green.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.