Stand Up

by Teresa Jennings

Here's a neat and lively movement song for your students. First, get a bunch of solid, stable chairs (no wheels, no desks) and put them in a row. Then, divide your students into two groups. The first time through the song, group 1 sings and group 2 performs the actions indicated by the lyrics. The second time through the song, they reverse roles. Once they get it under control, if they feel brave enough to do both singing and actions, go for it. The very lively accompaniment on the recording will keep them moving along whether they want to or not! The challenge is to say the right words at the right time and also to do the right actions at the right time. Expect a few boo-boos the first time or two, and also expect a bit of laughter. The song is all about fun!

If you really want to get carried away, let them write their own new lyrics/movements and plug them in. Just be sure the movements are reasonable and doable for everyone in the brief time allowed. (Nothing that could cause injury...)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.