La Boomba!

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

Okay, so everyone groaned when they heard the title of this song. But it's so perfect for vocals and Boomwhackers®, we just couldn't resist. Yes, it's an imitation of that other song, but it's really pretty different. The vocal melody is very, very easy and the lyrics are even easier.

If your Boomwhacker® players are up for a little challenge, we have added syncopation to this tune. It repeats a lot, so they have lots of chances to get it right. But if it's too much for them, you can alter the rhythm to half and whole notes.

We have also included some optional percussion parts (also below on this page). These might spice things up a bit and will allow more performers to participate. The rhythms and the instruments are merely suggestions. Adapt as you like.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.