Talkin' About My Friend

by Teresa Jennings

We can almost guarantee you that this song is going to be a hit with some groups of students in your school. So, we decided that this would be a cool tune to let kids download free (and legally!) from our website for their own personal use and enjoyment. We have included a note to this effect on the music and the lyric page. We also encourage you to mention it to them. Especially if you have kids who are into the whole "best friends" scene, they might really appreciate it. It might also inspire a discussion of downloading music from the Internet that is legal and okay to share.

There are a number of things that make this song so neat. First, there is the solo, sung wonderfully by Missy Schott on our recording. Then there is the background. Full of contemporary guitar and synthesizer sounds, it almost makes you have to smile! The high energy doesn't hurt either. Kids will want to move to this song, and you should let them. Work out some movement to use in a performance setting, if you like. Or just let them move freely.

If the musical "roadmap" seems a bit confusing, just follow along with the recording to clarify. We have no doubt your students will pick it up quickly.

Before the song begins on the recording, you will hear a little bit of guitar and the count-off in the drums. This was just the guys messing around in the studio and we thought it was fun, so we kept it in.

Special thanks to John Riggio for all his help with the producing of this tune, including some neat synthesizer work.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.