O, How Lovely Is The Evening (recorder)

arr. M.C. Handel/Paul Jennings

Though this beautiful, traditional piece was arranged as a 3-part round for recorders, we decided to include lyrics and a recording with a vocal performance. This way, you have maximum flexibility - you can use it with recorders, with singers, or with both. The first two are represented on the recording. You could even use it with other instruments, such as handbells.

Listen to the examples of performance to help you decide some of the nuances, such as where to breathe, whether singing or playing. Listening will also help with following the form of the piece. We chose to perform it as a unison first, then as a round the second and third times. You can vary this.

At measure 23, the parts are just cued for reference. All parts are in for the last two bars.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.