Voccata #1 (with piano)

by Teresa Jennings

This vocal exercise is a bit challenging, so it will most likely be suited for your older students. If you wish to use it a cappella (as demonstrated on track #12), give a starting note on piano or pitch pipe. The other two ways we suggest using the piece are with piano accompaniment (live or using the CD) or rhythm section accompaniment. Tracks for all of the above are included on the recording.

If you do the piece a cappella or with just live piano, consider changing the key and/or the tempo for variety. Lower, changing, or changed voices may also wish to try it an octave lower than written.

In case you were wondering, "voccata" is a made up word. It's a combination of "vocal" and "toccata." (Toccatas are frequently used to show off technique.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.