by John Riggio

We weren't thinking of deep lyrical content when writing this piece. "Freeze" is absolutely a movement song, the idea being of course that whenever students sing or yell "freeze," they stop right where they are, no matter how goofy the position! You can have students run around in an "amoeba drill," or actually choreograph your own movements. We filled the holes after each freeze with winter wind effects and humorous instrument and sound effects (guitar slides, ice cubes, vibraslap, etc.) We thought this added a bit of fun to the piece. Not that just seeing each other frozen in mid whatever won't be humorous enough!

The divisi at measure 13 is optional, but we feel the harmony is very natural and singable. Of course, you may use the full performance tracks and skip singing altogether in favor of the movement, or sing along with the tracks. Bottom line: Have fun!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.