Winter Waltz

by Karl Hitzemann

Paying tribute to the wonderful winter season, this gentle tune can conjure up many different images. The simple orchestration of strings and rhythm section makes the song glide along. And while the recording is very beautiful, the song would also work well with just piano accompaniment.

There is an optional second vocal part the second time through at measure 25, which offers a little variety and challenge for your singers. But, again, it is optional and not necessary for a successful performance.

Since the lyrics don't make any reference to any particular winter elements (snow, ice, fallen leaves, etc.), it can be used in virtually any region. However, if you wanted to, you could alter the lyrics to be more specific to your climate. You could also make it work with a holiday. In any case, this very adaptable tune will work for a variety of performance themes.

Because it's a waltz, movement would be a natural addition to the piece. Choose one or more couples to be featured as dancers waltzing around the stage. Dress them in winter or seasonal attire. Make sure you leave room for them to move, as waltzing can require a bit of space. If you don't have students who can waltz, ask other teachers, parents, or the local dancing school instructor for volunteers.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.