Carol Of The Boomwhackers®

arr. Teresa Jennings

This somewhat "whacky" arrangement of "Carol Of The Drum" has been invented for use with those wonderful, pitched plastic tubes called Boomwhackers®. Thanks to the disco style, it is easy to feel and hear the beat on the recording - always an important element in Boomwhacker® playing. The melody is also reinforced throughout, just in case.

You will notice that there are two versions for your players in this issue: Version 1 on page 56 and Version 2 on page 57. Version 1 is the simpler of the two, avoiding the use of eighth notes. Use this version first if you like, then let students graduate to Version 2 when they are ready.

To really put players into the disco spirit, we have suggested movement which actually uses the Boomwhackers® themselves. The Travolta-esque actions will amuse both students and audience members alike. Add a few disco era outfits, and you'll have a ready-made performance highlight. (Don't forget the video cameras!)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.