The Apple Song

by John Riggio

You just can't sing a sad song about apples! "The Apple Song" is an infectiously happy tune which mentions a mere 32 varieties of the thousands that are out there. If you want, you could substitute your own favorite apple varieties where the syllables allow. Or just sing it as is. Either way, you'll find yourself humming this tune over and over - especially whenever you bite into an apple!

The song is very singable, with enough repetition that even those singers who find it difficult to read music will catch on quickly. If your students aren't familiar with music "roadmaps" that contain a D.S., endings, and a coda, this simple song might be a good one to break them in on. To help with this, you will find a complimentary copy of the student part for this song inserted with the other loose flyers into this issue of Music K-8.

The recording is light and simple, using just rhythm section and percussion. It really is best to use the recording for maximum fun. But if you're determined to try to play it, please note that the right hand piano part is written in bass clef, not treble. It makes a big difference.

The creation of this song in the studio was a blast! John decided that he wanted actual, real, no-kidding, live apples for his sound effects. And so, with the help of his lovely wife, Janet, bags of delicious apples of all varieties were procured and brought to the studio. Careful solo crunching and editing yielded the results you hear on the CD. We have indicated these crunches on the music. You can let your students pretend to bite into apples along with them if you like. Actually doing apple bites in time is tricky. Pantomime is probably wiser.

Disclaimer: If you ever try to record your own apple crunches, you may want to put a shield between the apple and the microphone, as you could accidentally shower the microphone upon biting down. Nothing worse than a sticky microphone... JR

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.