I Can Learn

by Teresa Jennings

Even though we meant for this song to be singable by your youngest singers (which it is), we discovered that our older kids enjoyed it just as much! As we said, this song is meant to be the primary tune for the revue Discovery. But you can use it in any way you like. The topic of learning definitely has many applications in a school environment.

As far as the music is concerned, your students will pick up the melody very quickly. It is fun, singable, and simple. The recording is also simple, but sounds and feels just right for this type of song. We think your students will like it.

We have suggested that you allow students to deliver the spoken lines as solos. Pick one student for each word to give lots of them a chance to speak. Or, pick only a few to do all the words. Alternatively, let everyone say every word. This might be the best choice if you are working with really young kids. Your challenge will be getting them to speak on the beat. You may need to help them with this. Most kids tend to rush, especially when they're nervous. You be the guide, giving them strong visual cues, and they'll be fine. Again, the best way to have them learn well, is by letting them sing along with the recording. It will become second nature to them in no time.

You have probably already thought about using this piece across the curriculum as well. We did say that any of the tunes from the revue would work that way, but this one is particularly pertinent. As always, be sure to let your classroom teachers know you have this at the ready for any educational venue.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.