Trick or Treat

by David & Anne Ellsworth

This song is all about actions, sound effects, and spooky fun! All of the actions and effects that students can do are indicated on the music. In general, let all students do all actions and effects. The only exception is when there are solo lines (Trick or treat!) which are also indicated on the music. If you wish to alter any of the words, actions, or effects, by all means, alter them. The idea is to use things your students can relate to. Perhaps they have other ideas to contribute.

The song does not specifically refer to Halloween anywhere in it. It only refers to the practice of "trick or treat." If you wish, you can have treats for the students to collect in their buckets or bags as they sing the song.

The tune is very, very simple to learn, and is of course written specifically for your youngest singers. It wouldn't surprise us if some of your older singers enjoyed it as well! The tracks on the recording are very cool - full of neat effects and a great rock groove.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.