Whacky Boogie

by Karl Hitzemann

Writing "Whacky Boogie" was an incredible experience. Studying composition and arranging with Teresa and Paul has been a wonderful opportunity. And, in particular, working on this song with a world-class arranger like Paul Jennings was a tremendous thrill.

"Whacky Boogie" is a simple, straightforward "boogie woogie." The melody is fairly easy and accompanied by a very familiar boogie bass line. The tune is played three times. The first time, it's just the singers and the big band. The second time, the Boomwhackers® are featured playing chords while the piano plays the melody. The third time through, singers, Boomwhackers®, and the band come together, along with an optional second vocal part, for a big finish.

The piano part we've provided is certainly playable, but it requires a very coordinated left hand. We highly recommend using the recorded accompaniment. It features two alto saxes, two tenor saxes, four trumpets, two tenor trombones, two bass trombones, and rhythm section.

"Whacky Boogie" is written for Diatonic Boomwhackers®, but you could expand the Boomwhacker® part by using Bass Boomwhackers® or Chromatic Boomwhackers® to fill in the chords. And with the song's steady, "swing" rhythm, there is also the possibility of adding movement. In any case, a good old-fashioned boogie is sure to be a real crowd-pleaser. - KH

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.