Partner Warm-Up #1

by Teresa Jennings

This warm-up for your older students is a partner song. The first time through, part one sings. The second time, part two sings. The third time, they sing together.

The focus of this warm-up is staying on pitch. Because it is mostly slurred, the interval movement is challenging. Singing in half-steps is also a good workout for those developing vocal cords. Have students form their mouths into the perfect "o" shape, changing it only to enunciate the "m" as it occurs. They should be singing in their head voices and using their diaphragms for support.

If you accompany this on the piano, or do it a cappella, you can alter it for more of a challenge. For example, you could progressively speed it up. Or you could modulate it.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.