I Love The Mountains

arr. Paul Jennings

Rounds are a lot of fun to sing, and this old favorite is one of the most requested rounds we've experienced. (Thanks to the teachers on the Music K-8 Mailing List for their suggestions for this and other tunes they've asked for.) The arrangement is pretty straightforward, set in the style of the '50s, with bari sax, a rock rhythm section, and a nice cheezy organ sound. What fun! The recording features the tune three times, singing the first time in unison, then twice as a round. The optional long ending is one of those effects that will make your singers sound like they've done something very hard, but it's easy to perform. For one bar you build a little vocal "pyramid" singing the quarter notes and having one or more singers stop on each note and sustain. Your singers will be so proud and your audience will be impressed.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.