Hanukkah Is Here

by Karl Hitzemann

Plank Road Publishing proudly introduces our newest staff writer, Karl Hitzemann, with his first published work, "Hanukkah Is Here." (Welcome, Karl!) Karl is an accomplished musician and pianist and is currently studying composition and songwriting with Paul and Teresa. We anticipate wonderful things from this creative young man!

"Hanukkah Is Here" is a simple, singable, upbeat tune for the celebration of Hanukkah that can be performed by students in just about any class. The second time through the song, it breaks into a round, which is indicated as a second part on the music. You could let students sing the round the first time, but we recommend singing it in unison first so that the lyrics are clearly understood before they are overlapped in the round.

We have provided a playable piano part in case you wish to perform it live. However, if you use the recording, you will be treated to a neat orchestration that includes rhythm section, clarinet solo, tambourine, and strings. If you do not use the recording, consider adding your own tambourine and clarinet at least. The clarinet interludes are indicated on the music for your convenience. (They will have to be transposed, of course.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.