O Whacky Christmas Tree

arr. Teresa Jennings

We're betting that most students will immediately recognize the "flavor" of the opening sounds of this distinctive arrangement of "O Christmas Tree." Strictly for fun and holiday spirit, we have blended an optional vocal melody with Boomwhackers®, those colorful pitched plastic tubes we're always talking about. (For more information and details about Boomwhackers®, refer to Vol. 13, No. 1, page 75). The vocal part is super simple and uses only the syllable "loo." You could also have singers perform on kazoos instead using the syllable "doo" instead of "loo." Of course, they could just sing the song with lyrics if you prefer. For more options, any C instrument could also play the Boomwhacker® part(s).

The Boomwhackers® are divided into optional parts. If you have beginning players, just use part 1, which is the melody. If you have more advanced players, add part 2 and even consider letting them play the divisi notes as they occur. Part 2 is more challenging, but it is a nice countermelody and they will feel proud of themselves for conquering it. Don't forget the Boomwhacker® applause at the end!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.