Reach Out

by Teresa Jennings

We've featured soloist Katy Gentry and soprano saxophonist Jim Farrelly on our recording of this beautiful song of compassion. Perfect for the season of peace, this song reminds us all to be caring and understanding, especially of those in need.

If you use your own soloist (or soloists), be sure to keep her out front even if you bring the rest of your chorus in at some point, such as at measure 13, which we suggest. The melody and lyrics are frequently syncopated, but very singable. Use the full performance on the recording as a teaching tool for rhythms, particularly for younger students.

Consider using this song for your fund-raising efforts during the holiday season, or any season at all. Collect food, clothing, toys, etc., as admission or simply as contributions from students and their families to give to charities in your community. Add other songs of charity, goodwill, and compassion to your performance as well. (Refer to your Music K-8 Index for some ideas. A free copy was enclosed in your first issue of the year, Vol. 13, No. 1. If you have lost yours, contact us for a free replacement, or visit our web site for an online version:

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.