Alphabet Song

arr. John Riggio

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One of our goals here at Plank Road is to make you, the music teacher, simply the coolest thing in your students' lives since the invention of the Slushee™. We accomplish this by, among other things, writing arrangements of classic tunes that motivate your students to sing them. It's also a lot of fun when we can covertly include lyrics that teach another subject, like science, math, or in this case, the alphabet. Not coincidentally, this has the effect of endearing you to the teachers of these other subjects as well.

Aside from the energetic rhythm tracks on the CD, this is the traditional "Alphabet Song" just the way you learned it when you were a wee child. Although the style is fusion/rock with 183 beats per minute, there's no need to fear. The melody has a halftime feel to it, so it won't move too quickly for your young singers. We've also included a synth voice that says, "One! Two! Three! Four!" before each singing entrance. If that isn't enough, we've also got electric guitar playing the melody line so singers know where they're going.

As a side note, we've made this a unison song as most kids learning the alphabet might find singing harmony a bit challenging. We did add a second electric guitar on the D.S. which older singers could join in on to enhance the performance of the younger ones, if you like.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.