Who Do Warm-Up

by Teresa Jennings

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This simple warm-up is perfect for the beginning of the year, but usable anytime. Use it to prepare for songs that you will want your students to sing in their head voices. Have them use nice round tones as they sing, even when they are accenting. Practice diaphragm use, which is mostly needed for the accents, before using the warm-up (a warm-up to the warm-up...). Have them gently say "ha ha ha" with their hands on their tummies. Make sure they feel the bounce. (Note: If you are uncomfortable using the word "diaphragm" with your students, just say "stomach muscles.")

This is one piece that would work well with either the recording or live with piano. If you are using piano, you can repeat the exercise and take it up or down in half step increments. Continue as desired. Use only the "who do" part of the tune for this for a shorter warm-up with more range. If you are not a decent pianist, you could simplify the piano part to just the root movement.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.