O Canada!

Sir Adolphe Routhier/Robert Weir/Calixa Lavallée/arr. Paul Jennings

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There are several reasons we want to bring this arrangement to you. For one thing, we love our allies and neighbors to the north, and have spent many happy months in Canada. Some of our favorite musicians are there, too, and we are glad to honor them as well. And this past winter's Olympics had us cheering for Canada, as we often do. So, whether you are one of our great Canadian subscribers or an American teacher wanting to share this wonderful anthem with your students, we hope you will explore "O Canada!"

Actually, this song only became Canada's national anthem in 1980, a century after it was first performed. It had a long and illustrious history in that century, with several sets of lyrics in French and English. For this setting, we have chosen to include the most commonly sung verse used in Canada today. For more historic information and other verses in both languages, be sure to visit our web site, MusicK8.com

The recorded arrangement uses a dramatic harmonic treatment and a rich orchestral accompaniment. As we sing along, we will smile and remember our years of enjoyment in Toronto.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.