My Heart Is Home

by Teresa Jennings

Whether you're talking about your house, your community, or your country, there truly is no place like home. Admittedly, we could easily envision a patriotic setting for this song - flags, banners, lots of red, white, and blue. Maybe even add it to a patriotic program. But that's just a thought. If it works best for you to use it as a focus on home as the place where the family is, that's fine. Sometimes kids need to remember how wonderful home can be. The words of this song might just help. For many of us, it isn't until we leave home that we realize how much home means to us.

The song is written in three optional parts. While it will work as a unison tune, we wanted to provide the opportunity for multiple classes or older students to join in as well. If you are able to use all three parts, it will sound very nice, as you can hear on the CD.

Part 2 is probably the most challenging, especially during the syncopated section at measure 17. We found that using our older singers for this part was wise. (They enjoyed it.) Part 3 doesn't come in until the coda. We used singers with lower voices for this part and suggest you do the same.

Help students sing out on this one. Keep it energetic and full of enthusiasm! Tell them to sing from their hearts, wear a smile, and remember the words. Even if they don't mean much to them now, someday they will.

(Another worthy of note item: Let your students listen to the instrumental tracks with the intention of listening to our drummer, Dane Clark. He did some amazing, complex fills in this chart!)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.