Allegiance Rap

adapted by Teresa Jennings

Most American schools that we know of recite The Pledge of Allegiance regularly. Some, every day. Our belief that music is one of the very best teaching tools for just about any subject led us to write this compelling and dramatic setting.

We think this piece is very, very cool and will become a favorite all across the country. From the solo electric guitar to the symphonic strings and brass to the thumping bass and rock drums, the recording of this piece is truly inspirational and yes, required for its performance. Piano alone will never do.

The beauty of the recording is that your students can rap and clap heartily along right with the full performance version if they want to. In fact, for learning the rhythms, that would be best. But even afterwards, it's still fun to rap along. Feel free to teach this to the whole school, too. Pipe it over your intercom system whenever you do the Pledge.

You will note that the first time through, it is rapped in unison. The second time through, it becomes a call and response rap. Very simple, very doable. (Be sure to make note of the entrance of the nifty horn solo that also enters the second time.)

For your music students, this is an excellent study and/or reinforcement of 16th note rhythms. Tear it apart and analyze it all you like. It could also help with 8th note and quarter note rhythms.

During the introduction, there are optional claps on beats 2 and 4. These stop at measure 9 each time as rappers put their hands over their hearts and face the flag. At measure 22, you can either let them continue to hold their hands over their hearts, or break back into claps.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.