Blarney Skit/Funny, Funny Face

by Teresa Jennings

Having been enthusiastically introduced by the last skit, your next group of singers will be ready to share their humor with the song, "Funny, Funny Face." Again, we were thinking of the young ones when we wrote this simple tune. However, as we learned in our recording sessions, you can never be too old to have fun making faces! In fact, our singers did indeed make funny faces at each other at the appropriate moments and got quite a kick out of it. (Sometimes, despite their professional status, they were not able to stifle their giggles, etc. We left some on the recording for you and your students to enjoy, too.)

To help your performers remember where they are in the song (since they will no doubt be absorbed in their creative face alterations), we have added some cues. In measure 4, there is a flexatone which announces the first vocal entrance. Just prior to the repeat in measure 24 the first time, they will hear a ratchet. The second time, have them listen for the whistle. No matter what happens though (even in performance), the idea is to have a lot of fun with this one. Don't stifle their reactions for the sake of the music (within reason, of course).

As far as the funny faces themselves are concerned, you can design the actions however you like. Have a few rules up front about "acceptable" expressions (if you feel this is necessary with your group) and not doing anything that might hurt.

We have made a few suggestions on the music at the bottom of the second page. At measure 13, consider designating a solo pointer (even you) who can pick on anyone he likes each time. Each performer then has to be ready to make a funny face on the spot! Do this within the group the first time and then with the audience the second time. You could also let performers point to each other randomly at various points in the song. If they are using their hands to help make those faces, it's okay not to point. Expect lots of giggling.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.