by Teresa Jennings

In lieu of our usual bit of script or narration following the opening song of a revue, we have decided to go with smaller skits and songs, all which follow the theme of humor and/or lightening up for the revue. Any and all of these are optional.

The first one we present is a parody of that oh-so-famous entertainment dinosaur that very young children know and love. Our version is called "Blarney." The song is very, very simple and short so that your young ones can sing it easily. The recording has a light instrumental accompaniment, but you can certainly play this one live using only piano if you prefer.

The brief skit which follows is also a parody. It is designed to connect the first and second songs with the third song ("Funny, Funny Face"). If you can do it, have an older student (or teacher, parent, etc.) don a green dinosaur costume and chat with the kiddies. If this isn't practical, a green dinosaur puppet could also be quite effective. On the recording, our "dinosaur" adopted a certain style of delivery for humorous effect. With both the song and the skit, you can be as serious or humorous about your presentation as you like.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.