BAGga Lagga Whack Whack

by M.C. Handel/arr. Paul Jennings

For the first issue of the year, we always try to give you a new take on a BAG tune for recorders. Most of you have quite a collection of them by now. So, since the most common request on last year's surveys was for interesting ways to use Boomwhackers®, we thought we would combine some neat things into a lively 50s shuffle that gives you the option of adding Boomwhackers® to an early recorder song. This piece ideally calls for a diatonic set and/or a bass diatonic set. (We usually record with the latter as they are more resonant and fun to play.) But you can play it with any and all of the Boomwhackers® you have. Just eliminate the notes you don't have. And you can eliminate them entirely if you like, and/or add other "whacks" for the section at bar 33, such as playing cans or cowbells with sticks, or even just using rhythm sticks.

There are many ways of playing these great plastic tubes, but for this tune it might be neat to hold a Boomwhacker® in one hand and play it with a drum stick in the other. We record them by hitting them on wooden stools. You could get similar results by hitting the backs of chairs or tables. If you do this, though, you should not hit so hard as to damage anything, but rather just hard enough for a nice hollow sound. One thing we do NOT recommend is combining any form of whacking with the actual recorders or anyone playing them. But that probably doesn't need saying to teachers who use them. Boomwhackers® are great for capturing interest and burning energy, but they also call for rules for the players. Have fun!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.