Jingle Jive

arr. Teresa & Paul Jennings

This is probably one of the most fun songs we've ever done! An adaptation of Jingle Bells for voices and bells, we've made it quite interesting with the addition of a cookin' big band. You will definitely need the recording to do this one.

The tune starts with a jazzy intro that is instantly recognizable. Four measures later, however, it takes off into a double time driving swing that keeps things hopping. The vocal part is not double time, but rather a steady and simple rendition of the tune. It's the instrumentalists behind them that have all the work to do! Let your students listen to the accompaniment tracks on the recording to fully appreciate the excellence of the players. If you have any jazzers in your midst, do share with them as well. (We have included the sixteenth note countermelody on the piano/vocal for you to follow, but also for any ambitious players to join in on, if they dare!)

Your bell players can double the vocal melody through the first time of the tune. You can use bells of any type, or any C instrument for that matter. Percussive ones would be more effective, but there are no rules. The second time through, the vocalists and bell players alternate. The bell notes are indicated by an asterisk above the notes. It's really challenging for the students to remember when to sing and when to play! Our singers really enjoyed doing this. You can, of course, use different groups of students for the two parts, but it will still require concentration to know when to sing or play and when to be quiet.

A final note - the enthusiastic Yeah! on the recording at the end was a natural phenomenon which occurred during the taping of the rhythm section tracks. We felt the same way, so we decided to leave it! (The performer prefers to remain anonymous...)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.