Snow Angels

by Teresa Jennings

What a delightful little tune! This brief, light, simple round is in an easy 3/4 for your singers. However, the real fun is in the rhythm section, which plays a lilting jazz waltz underneath it all. It's very neat and fun to sing along with.

Start by having students sing the song in unison. The second time through, let them split into two parts to sing as a round. The second part starts four measures after the first and subsequently, ends four measures later.

Since the song doesn't mention any holidays in particular, you could use this one in your seasonal program with no problem. It's simple enough, by the way, to use with very young singers, if you wish. Costume them as if they are outside in the cold and snow. (Light layers though. You don't want them getting too warm.) At the end of the song, have them gently flap their angel wings up and down as if they are making patterns in the snow.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.