You Gave Me Your Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

by Teresa Jennings

Every now and then, Teresa writes a song that is somewhat personal in nature. She is especially fond of composing odes to her nearest and dearest, as you may recall from previous publications. This time, the song is a gift to her friend, Bev, whose keen sense of humor and warm heart have touched Teresa for many years.

The story goes like this. One day at the office, Teresa was working through lunch. She was so busy, she just didn't have time to stop. Bev, a true cookie afficionado, had visited a local sweet shop and procured some of those exquisite huge bakery-type cookies for herself. When she saw Teresa hard at work and obviously hungry, she made the ultimate sacrifice: she offered her last peanut butter chocolate chip cookie to her friend. What a selfless thing to do indeed! To honor this act of friendship, Teresa tearfully penned this humorous country ode to her buddy. Friends everywhere will appreciate the sentiment, we have no doubt.

The song is pretty simple, and the chorus and lyrics repetitious enough for most students to learn easily. Be sure to let them add a little country twang here and there and really play up the humor for fun.

You will note that during the guitar solo, there is an opportunity to perform a "cookie dance." What we envisioned here was a line dance using either a large cookie prop or lots of little cookie props. Line dances are very easy to create. In fact, we've had a few in past issue of Music K-8 that you can borrow from - or let your kids come up with their own. But do keep it silly!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.