A Mouse And A Moose And A Little Green Frog

by Teresa Jennings

This little song is simple enough to be sung by your young ones, though you can use it with any class you wish. It offers the opportunity for singers to come up with their own sound effects for the various suggested activities.

You may discover that younger students need a little help remembering which animal is saying what to whom in measure 10 each time it occurs. Consider having a picture, written name, or toy animal representing each character, which you then hold up as the verse requires. This will also help reinforce quick thinking and name recognition for little ones.

The effects we suggest are train sounds, playing "drums," and sleeping sounds. We have confidence in your students' abilities to come up with ideas for all of these. On the recording, we chose to use Boomwhackers® for the drumming effect. You can use rhythm sticks, hand drums, and so on, instead. You could also have students play found percussion instruments, like wooden spoons or cardboard paper towel tubes.

At measure 21, there is a continuing decrescendo to the end of the piece. Even the effects should get quieter. Discuss the differences among the various dynamic levels. The very last sound is the quietest. It is an optional solo. Your performer(s) can either make a frog-like sound, or just say "ribbit," as you prefer.

(See the note after "Whacky Sounds" for more information about Boomwhackers®.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.