Golden Rule

by Teresa Jennings

In our ongoing efforts to help young people deal with a world full of difficulties, we are offering this gentle and lovely song. Most of us are familiar with the Golden Rule, but how many of us find it easy to actually employ it in everyday life? Even with the best intentions, we often forget. Perhaps a song can help us remember, especially if it's a song we learn when we are still young.

As our soloist Ryan Staley demonstrates, even young children can learn this melody and lyrics easily. On the recording, we have chosen to use a soloist for the first time through the song, then bring in the chorus for the repeat. At the end of the song, the soloist could return to sing the final words.

Though the piano part is simple and playable for a live performance, the addition of rhythm and strings on the recording is very nice, too.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.