The Penguin Polka

by Teresa Jennings

It was inevitable, we think, that living and working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, would eventually find its way into our music. Here in the land of beer, brats and cheeseheads, the polka reigns as the dance of choice. So when we were asked by our subscribers to write another penguin song for them, we thought, What the heck! Let's make that penguin a polka king! Our little dancing bird has an additional anomaly, however. He (or she) is speckled and freckled. As a result, his nickname is Polka Dot. (Okay, okay. Puns are big around here, too. Just ask Bob.)

The song is super simple, unison and repetitious. It allows lots of room for merry-making, particularly during the chorus when the dancing takes place. Even your youngest singers will learn this one quickly and have a blast singing it!

There are a couple of ways you could approach the dance section. You could have one featured freckled penguin who dances, or you could have several. Perhaps even the whole class. Add a penguin oom-pah band (pretending to play) in the background with tuba, accordion, drums, clarinet, etc., and you will have a bona fide penguin-prominent polka party for your performance. Yah!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.