I'm Grateful

by Teresa Jennings

This song is one of our favorites for a couple of reasons: its message and its performance on the P/A recording.

Thanksgiving is a special occasion which offers us the opportunity to pause in our lives and reflect on what's important and what we have to be grateful for. Our blessings are so bountiful. Of course, we don't think that Thanksgiving is the only time gratitude should be expressed, and certainly the song can be used whenever you like.

Most of the song is unison and relatively simple to learn. Even our younger singers in the studio took to it quickly. At measure 17, there is an optional divisi for five beats which recurs a few bars later. You may choose either line if you don't want to have a divisi. If you do, consider choosing a few select individuals to perform the second part.

You will note that the repeat goes back to measure 9 three times. The third time, there is a 12 string guitar solo for eight measures. Singers come in again at measure 17 for the third time and finish the song with the guitar still soloing over them.

As we said, this performance is one of our favorites. Our guitarist, Sandy Williams, is so very fine, we are proud to have him on our recordings. In this piece, he is playing multiple layers of 12 string guitar, which produces a beautiful texture. To say he is a musically tasteful performer is an understatement, as you can hear. We hope you use the recording with your students so that they can hear what a world-class guitarist sounds like.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.