We Have Graduation

by Teresa Jennings

We are always wanting to add to the repertoire of musical possibilities to be used at the end of the year. Since so many schools have graduation or promotion ceremonies, we like to offer variety. We have already published a number of pieces previously in Music K-8 for graduation purposes. These have ranged from very easy to very mature. (Refer to your Music K-8 Index for ideas. If you need another copy, call us toll-free to get one at 1-800-437-0832.)

This time, we decided to offer a light-hearted approach to the topic. We found that it was a favorite of our singers from the moment the song began - especially when they heard the guitar riffs.

Since the song is set in a mock 50s rock style, we let our singers ham it up a bit with effected singing. They pretended to be rockers from the era reminiscent of the movie Grease. Their vocal quality is somewhat pinched and nasal, as you will hear, but they enjoyed the heck out of doing it that way! If you use the song in performance, consider letting them dress in costumes from the era as well.

The first time through the song, the singers are in unison. After the bridge, there are two parts. Part 2 is optional, but since it's just an echo of part 1, you will find it easy to include. Be sure to let your singers add the scoops and melodrama as it occurs. Again, our singers will provide an excellent example.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.