Sail Away

by Teresa Jennings

Is there anything more serene than the idea of gliding along in a sailboat? Images of blue water, blue sky, warm sun and billowing sails come easily while listening to this gentle song.

The melody frolics along in 6/8 time, lending itself well to its nautical theme. Reminiscent of an old folk song or sea chantey, the melody and lyrics should present no problems for your students. In fact, the repetition of certain elements in each phrase should make memorizing a possibility as well, in case you want to use the song in a concert or other performance.

On the P/A recording, you will hear two flutes, solo violin, piano, and guitar playing the melodic introduction and interludes between each verse. Behind them, more guitars, light percussion and strings fill out the background. During the first two verses, the flutes alternate countermelodies which then combine for the third verse.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.