In The Snow

by Anne & David Ellsworth

Young singers will be able to participate in your seasonal performances, thanks to this lively, yet simple, song. This time the topic is a wintry one more common to northern areas (as opposed to the earlier song about warmer climates). Snow is one of the best parts about winter to those of us that see it every year and this song tells some of the reasons why: building snowpeople, catching snowflakes, making snow angels, sledding, and so forth.

The recording of this tune has a pleasant, syncopated latin pulse which complements the quarter note melody without interfering with it. There are layers of guitars, bass, drums, percussion, and a mandolin, which plays a solo the second time at measure 13. (Singers don't sing during the mandolin solo, but do re-enter at measure 21.) Be sure to tell your students to listen for the triangle and glockenspiel solos, too.

For a bit of movement, while your singers are singing, let them pretend to do the things they are singing about. Costume them in hats and scarves, add some mittens and boots, and you're ready for a show! You can even use this song - complete with costuming and movement - throughout the winter months. (Or the spring or fall months if you live in really cold places!)

Due to the shortness of this song - it's only three pages - we have chosen not to include a lyric page in the magazine. Even if you prefer to teach by rote, the lyrics are easy and repetitious enough to learn by listening. Of course, you may duplicate the music if you want your students to read it, or you can use the reproducible student parts, available separately.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.