Seasons Change

by Teresa Jennings

Partner songs are not only popular, they are wonderful tools for entering into the realm of part-singing with young singers. In this partner song, as in most, there are two distinctive melodies which are sung separately at first, and then together.

Though both parts are fairly easy, part 1 is deliberately a bit simpler than part 2. That way, if you have a class with older or more versatile singers you wish to feature, you may do so by letting them sing part 2. It is higher and allows singers to comfortably explore their head voices. Some folk style note scooping is also encouraged in both parts. The notes we suggest embellishing in this way are indicated on the music and on the recording.

The subject of the song is a plus, as it can be used for any season of the year effectively. We started it with autumn because it felt poetically appropriate. Also, we figured that mentioning autumn first might make it feel right as a "beginning of the school year" song. Naturally, you may use it whenever you like.

Notably, the introduction and interludes are performed on the recording on the penny whistle, which we think has a beautiful sound.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.