Da Da Da Da Da Bomp!

by M.C. Handel/Paul & Teresa Jennings

M.C. Handel finishes the year with a real rocker for spring, and in this case it can also be a duet (though the tune works just great using only part 2). Part 1 is meant to reinforce the learning of 4th space E. You can split the class and have them alternate, or use the duet for players at different levels of ability.

There are several options that will help you adapt this piece for your students and make it more fun for them to perform. First, you will note that some bars (like bars 8 and 16) have notes of shorter lengths in parentheses. For these bars those who can articulate faster can play the more difficult rhythms, even playing the 4 eighths, quarter rhythm if they can. Here again, splitting the group in two (or four) is just fine.

Starting at bar 19, the group is given the option of "singing the title." We have done this on a few other tunes, and the kids really enjoy it. In this case, the singing begins with A's, with an octave lower A for the "Bomp." "Bomp" can also be belted out in the top octave, or just shouted unpitched. At bar 23, they can either keep singing, start playing, or split the group with half doing each thing. At bar 27, those singing can stay on A, or descend on pitches with the bass line. (These are shown in parentheses.) We found that the kids in the recording session insisted on heading for the low notes even if they were grunts. Of course, that's the spirit of the song, so let them have fun with it.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.