Clappin' Time

by Anne & David Ellsworth

Movement seems to be the unofficial theme of this issue, and far be it from us to leave out your youngest movers! This simple song will give your littlest ones a chance to not only move around while they sing, but also add a bit of clapping.

As you would expect from a primary song, the melody is easy and the lyrics repetitious. Let your youngsters sing along with the recording and they'll soon be singing it on their own.

The piano part is a simplified version of the arrangement on the recording, but is very playable. If you choose to perform it live, you can alter the tempo as needed. If you do use the recording, you will hear a lively rhythm section along with timbales, bells and synthesizers.

The pattern for the clapping which is indicated on the music and performed on the recording is a suggestion and can be used or changed as needed. Since the song is about clapping, even if you don't use the pattern indicated, consider using some clapping in the chorus and/or at the ends of the phrases where the words "clap, clap" invite a rhythmic response.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.