The Magic Words

by Anne & David Ellsworth

What a perfect way to teach and reinforce the use of those all-important magic words, please and thank you (among others!). This sweet little song makes it easy for you to bring the subject to light with your youngest singers.

The melody is very simple, repetitious and unison throughout, except for the spoken solos, which are indicated on the part. The easy latin style is written in cut-time, but it flows very naturally and should present no problems for live performances, if you wish to use it that way.

If you are using the recording, you and your students will be treated to a light and happy sounding accompaniment, complete with latin percussion and solo timbales. The singers on the recording will also help your young performers learn the melody and lyrics quickly.

As an extension for this song, discuss the magic words with your students. What others are there? Let the classroom teachers know you are doing this, in case they wish to tie it into lessons they may be doing along the same lines. (Music across-the-curriculum is always a good idea!)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.