Friends Are Like Diamonds

by Teresa Jennings

It's true that it's difficult for older students to get excited about Valentine's Day once they perceive themselves as too mature for such silliness (but before they grow into the grown-up version of the holiday). We have often been asked to provide alternatives for this unusual dilemma. We think this type of song is ideal.

Sweet and gentle, it is a tribute to one of the most important elements in any child's life: friendship. We have all had friends at one time or another in our young lives, so relating to this subject shouldn't be a stretch for any of your students, no matter how young or old. And while it would be a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your classes, it is also non-specific to the holiday, so it can be used whenever and however you like.

The melody is simple and has a familiar set of chord changes flowing underneath. The song is in 3/4, which would give you the chance to discuss and study that meter. Though it is written as a round, you don't have to perform it that way. But it is easy enough that once your singers know it, they will be able to sing it as a round with no difficulty.

The recording is not absolutely necessary for the performance of the song, as the piano part is very playable (despite the key). However, there is a lovely arrangement on the recording using strings and guitars which bring out the folk style very nicely.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.