There Is Music

by Teresa Jennings

This song is slow, gentle, and powerful in content. Its anthem rock style allows it to build to dramatic proportions at the end, which is very effective (especially if you're using the recording).

The beginning lyrics may be performed as a solo or solos, as we did on the recording, or it can be sung in unison right away. If you do use soloists, have your other singers join in at measure 21 or at the pick-ups to measure 30, which is the chorus. It really needs to have all voices in by then for maximum impact. The singers on the P/A recording offer a very good example of style for performance.

At measure 45, the vocal parts include an optional divisi in part one and an optional part two. You may wish to select certain individuals to perform these optional parts while leaving the melody to the rest of your chorus for stablility.

The piano part in this issue includes many cues for strings and wind instruments which can be pared down for piano-only performances. If you use the recording, however, you will be treated to a beautiful and lush orchestral arrangement including rhythm section, strings, winds, gong, and timpani.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.