That's A Family!

by Anne Ellsworth

We are very pleased to be presenting the premiere work in this issue of our newest writer, Anne Ellsworth. A world-class soprano, Anne has been featured numerous times and in various ways in Music K-8 over the years. We have wisely decided that it is high time we presented her work as a writer as well. Her expertise at working with young singers has led us to ask her to specialize in primary songs, which we are often asked to provide more of by our subscribers.

Her song, That's A Family! touches on a subject that we are also frequently asked to include. What constitutes a family unit these days? It could be a myriad of people to some, just Mom and Dad to others. Still others might have their own definitions of what constitutes a family.

The subject of home life may be one you can easily use or not. You will have to decide in your own situation if it is appropriate. You could adapt the lyrics to be more suitable for your particular circumstances, if it seems more reasonable. If you are able to use the song, your children will enjoy singing about the fun, learning and growing that can go on at home for them.

On the P/A recording, the simple text is accompanied by string quartet, marimba and bells, with violin and marimba playing the melody. The piano part is also simple and could easily be used in lieu of the recording, if you prefer. The vocal range is perfect for kindergartners or first graders, and the melody is easy to learn with repeating descending thirds throughout. The hints of the call of childhood are also present, which make it familiar for your young singers.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.