Green And White

by Teresa Jennings

This beautiful folk song can be used as another seasonal song for your holiday program. The subject is the same as the title: green and white. The reference is, of course, the snow and the evergreen trees left in the forest during the winter when all the other color is gone or sparse. Instead of missing the other colors, the song revels in the beauty of the combination of green and white.

We have used this song to show off the viola once more in conjunction with our viola feature in this issue. This time, the viola is used as a "fiddle." There is less vibrato and many of the notes are scooped into freely. The style is different than a typical, familiar viola style. Let your students listen to the solo and see if they can outline those differences. Use the viola listening lesson (pgs. 66-67) or the songs, "I'm Gonna Be" and "Remember You" as models for contrast.

The country/folk melody in part 1 is very fun to sing, as is the response in part 2 at the choruses. Part 2 is optional and is doubled in the viola so that it can still be heard even if you prefer to use the song as a unison feature.

Be sure to point out the guitars on the P/A recording to your students. Can they hear the many textures? There are four different layers of guitars and one mandolin, which should be easier to hear as it is higher than the guitars.

The fiddle solo at the coda is a perfect opportunity to add movement to this song. We have suggested that a line dance would be simple and appropriate, though you can use any type of movement you like.

Following is a suggestion for a very basic 8 measure line dance, which can be used for the fiddle solo section alone, or continued afterwards till the end of the song. Feel free to adapt it as needed.

Hook thumbs in front belt loops of blue jeans.

  • Measure 1 - L, R, L, R (step in place)
  • Measure 2 - L, skip (or scuff), R, skip
  • Measure 3 - L, R, L, R
  • Measure 4 - L, skip, R, clap
  • Measure 5 - step to the side L, R, L, touch
  • Measure 6 - step to the side R, L, R, touch
  • Measure 7 - L, skip, R, skip
  • Measure 8 - L, R, L, clap

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.