From Then To Now

by John Riggio

Continuing with his whole language theme, John Riggio brings us the subject of history this time. As always, getting the classroom teacher in on the across-the-curriculum stuff is very wise. (Remember, reinforcing other subjects makes music more valid in the eyes of your non-music peers.)

John's forte as a rock writer is once again reinforced with this very singable and fun tune. The chorus is a contagious "hook" that your kids will love to sing. And in keeping with the guitar focus, John presents several guitar styles on the P/A cassette for you to refer to in your teaching of the electric guitar.

Since the song is unison (and short), it will take no time to learn it. But, we do suggest that you let your singers sing along with the kids on the cassette a couple of times for style and comfort. They will pick it up faster and feel the energy instantly.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.