Tell Me

by Teresa Jennings

This unison song is a bonus song for Music K-8. In fact, it is from our newest K-4 musical, Christmas At The O.K. Corral. The reason we decided to publish it here as well is that we felt it could also be used as a piece for the revue, Together. The message of communication fits in quite well with our global community theme. Besides, we wanted to show off our new hammered dulcimer, which is also on the tape for this tune. (Paul got one for his birthday, and we just had to let him play it in the recording session.) Our violinist is featured in this song as well, and it gives yet another opportunity to hear it.

Things to discuss with your students:

  • Play the accompaniment side of the tape for your students. Can they isolate the sounds of the hammered dulcimer, mandolin, and guitar?
  • If you can find pictures of a hammered dulcimer, share them with your students. How is the instrument played? (With small wooden hammers. They are extremely lightweight and bounce easily on the strings when they are struck.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.