Read A Book!

by John Riggio

If you have been looking for the perfect subject to integrate your music program into the regular classroom curriculum, you are in luck. Once again we are pleased to bring one of John Riggio's works to Music K-8 and our subscribers. This time, John has written a fun-loving and energetic tribute to the world of literature - the ideal subject for intercurricular education. Your classroom teachers will be compelled to get behind you when you introduce this piece of music to them. They will also be inspired when they see how excited your kids get when they sing it.

John's orchestrations are mostly synthesized, using very contemporary sounds, but he also uses a real live drummer, bassist, guitarist and pianist (himself, actually). His rock beat is quite lively and will have your students bouncing around instantly.

The melody is unison until the very end when it breaks into an optional divisi. The higher part goes up to an E flat, but is covered with the optional cued notes if you feel uneasy about it. The lyrics are simple, and the chorus is repetitious, making it very easy to learn with almost any grade level.

Probably one of the coolest sounds on the cassette is the electronic vocorder voice that proclaims "Read a book!" every time the singers do. Your kids will eat it up. They will probably want to hear the tracks only version of the tune just so they can hear the techno voice a little clearer. Of course, they will also be able to hear all of the other really neat electronic bells and whistles this way, too.

You probably could just play this one on the piano for your students if you wanted to (and if you were a heck of a decent player), but it would lose something in the translation without the driving drums, bass, guitar and electronic textures John has creatively interspersed throughout the piece. We feel so strongly about the recording of this being integral to the learning experience and the musical experience, that we would like to remind you (at the risk of sounding like a commercial) that if you choose to order the cassette, it is guaranteed. If you or your kids aren't impressed, send it back for a refund. (In resaleable condition, of course.) But do yourself a favor, and listen to it. You just might become a hero to the classroom teachers - or your librarian!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.