If I Were...

by Teresa Jennings

This short and simple little tune is for your young singers. The melody is easy to learn and the lyrics are very repetitious. It is also another candidate for sign language, which might be well suited for your Music In Our Schools Month performances. We have, as usual, added a sheet of signs for you to use in teaching the signs to your students.

If you have problems getting your students to relax with slower tunes like this one, you may discover that by adding sign language, the tune suddenly seems a lot faster to them.

You don't have to use signs for every word for which we give you a sign. In fact, it would be perfectly okay to simplify the signs and only use key words for signing. Especially if you are using this piece with younger children, you may find it easier for them to remember the signs as well as the words.

The orchestration for this song is equally simple. The flute duet is included on the piano/vocal part in case you want to perform it live using your own flute players and piano and/or guitar.

As a possible extension for this song/activity, discuss other possibilities in response to "if I were..." Research the signs for these other possibilities as well. What types of action would each take? For example, what would a snail do? A kangaroo? A sunbeam? A river?

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.