by Teresa Jennings

Third in the set of tunes for the musical revue, Proud, "Identity" is set to a distinctly funky half-time beat. This is one situation in which, unless you have some great rhythm and wind players, we really recommend you use the cassette. There's just no way you can duplicate the screaming guitar, funk bass, or extended drum solos on a piano. In order for kids to relate to the piece as one in their own idiom, it will affect them more profoundly as it has been recorded.

Obviously still aiming at the self-esteem angle of the revue, "Identity" is easy to learn (it's unison), and fun to sing and rap. One note of caution about the rap: don't let the tempo get away from them. You will hear that the winds are playing a melodic line that exactly matches the rhythms of the rap. Point this out to your students and let them listen to it by itself a couple of times so they can get into the groove.

And speaking of grooves, if you were waiting for a song to move to, this is it. You can add claps at some points, along with a basic box step (side, back, side, front) for a really simple movement. Or just let them bounce and move freely (as they will naturally want to do) to the beat as they sing. During the final choruses, add a solo dancer or two if you've got them.

Discuss the message of the song. What does it mean by "my recipe"? Does everyone have their own recipe? Ask them to list things that they think are in their recipes. Compare and contrast them.

As an extra activity, consider making "Identity" buttons for your students to wear. We have included a design possibility here.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.